About TRANShealth

We have a simple creed at TRANShealth.

We believe in somebody with ADD/ADHD.  We believe they are more than their disorder.  We believe they are smart, creative, unique, and add unrepeatable value to the world.

We believe we can do something to promote acceptance of ADD/ADHD so we can all celebrate the contributions ADD individuals make.   We support programs that educate. Programs that offer accurate diagnoses. Programs that help people with ADD and their families move forward with confidence.

ADD Basics | TransHealthAt TRANShealth, we lend our time and creative energies toward initiatives that offer hope.  ADDBasics.org is one of our initiatives that provides a creative outlet to offer smart resources for people dealing with ADD/ADHD.

TRANShealth, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes the acceptance of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder through education, responsible treatment, and celebration of the individual.  We seek to support health care and educational programs that remove the boundaries to success at home, school, higher education and in the workplace for individuals with ADD/ADHD.

TRANShealth, Inc. is committed to playing a key role in developing more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient treatment of ADD/ADHD for the 21st century. We impact children, adults, and their families with complex health care problems and educational needs related to ADD/ADHD. We strive to increase public and professional awareness of the virtues of treating the whole person, not just the disorder of ADD/ADHD.

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